What is a Negligent Security Injury?

Negligent security injuries are generally the result of a person being harmed during the commission of a crime while on the property of a business or other such premises. If an owner of a business or property, such as a restaurant, shopping center, apartment or other rental real estate, hotel/motel or other public building fails to provide reasonably adequate safety and security, it is considered negligent security. If a business owner shirks that responsibility or does not provide for the safety of patrons, they may be liable for injuries sustained. While not always considered accountable for crimes that transpire on the property, a proprietor can be held responsible in the case of repetitive occurrence, or if the nature of the property is such that it is particularly vulnerable to crime and steps are not taken to prevent such crime. It is the proprietor’s duty to implement proper security measures, such as gates, locks, lighting or even guards to ensure the safety of their customers or clients both within the building and on the surrounding property.

If a person is harmed due to slip and fall due to poor lighting, uneven walkways or wet flooring (such as in a supermarket), this also is considered a negligent security injury. Negligent security injuries can be minor accidents but can also have very serious consequences, such as in the cases of assault, rape and even homicide.

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Make sure you are compensated for other miscellaneous damages. These include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and out of pocket expenses.

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