What is a Bus Accident Injury?

A bus accident injury is harm or hurt to the body, mind, or emotions caused by the reckless or careless driving or operation of a bus by a driver or the entity that runs it. Legally speaking, like any personal injury claim, a bus accident injury is a type of civil wrong where harm is caused to one individual because another individual failed to use reasonable care.

A bus is considered a “common carrier,” which is any person, company, or entity that transports goods or people for any person or company. Common carriers such as buses, airlines, and trains are responsible for any possible loss or injury that takes place during transport and owe a heightened duty of care to passengers and the general public. As long as you pay the fare, a common carrier agent cannot refuse to transport you and your admissible baggage to its published destination. If a common carrier is capable of transporting you or your goods, it must do so. It cannot discriminate on any basis.

In order for a common carrier to operate, they must adhere to certain industry specific regulations implemented to protect the general public. A common carrier usually offers its services to the general public under the licensing or authority provided by a regulatory body, like a local government agency.

From accidently crashing into another vehicle to striking a pedestrian, bus accidents vary as far as injuries are concerned. A bus passenger may walk away from a crash with minor injuries while a pedestrian may not survive being struck by a passing bus. Because buses have a high center of gravity and tremendous size and weight, bus accidents can result in wrongful death and can leave surviving victims with life altering injuries which may include: traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, burn injury, or orthopedic injury.

Anyone injured in an accident involving a bus may be entitled to substantial compensation. This is generally true whether they are a bus passenger, a pedestrian, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or the driver or passengers of another vehicle hit by a bus.

Bus Accident Injury and the Law

Winning a bus accident injury case depends on the circumstances of the accident, including

  • Whether the driver pulled out in front of a car and had to slam on the brakes, and
  • What the road conditions were like.

A jury will have to consider those factual circumstances to determine if the driver acted negligently.


We Can Help

If you have suffered an injury caused by a bus accident, The Personal Injury Help Center can help you find the help and resources you need. Our network of personal injury lawyers, experts and professionals strive for justice and fairness in the form of compensation for victims of bus accidents.

We are dedicated to seeking justice and fair financial compensation for those who are facing a future that has been forever altered by the negligent act of another. When you are looking to file an injury claim, you need to know that you have the best working on your side.

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When filing a bus accident injury claim, you only have one opportunity to secure a settlement; once you accept an offer, you cannot turn around to get more money if you realize that it will not cover the extent of the damages. To help you better understand what the settlement should cover, the team at The Personal Injury Help Center will help you:

Make sure your injury claim covers all of your medical expenses. This includes hospital bills, rehabilitation, future medical costs, costs of medication, future doctor visits, caretaker costs, and reconstructive surgery.

Make sure the settlement covers monetary damages. This includes property damage or car damage, lost earnings and wages, and future loss of earnings.

Make sure you are compensated for other miscellaneous damages. These include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and out of pocket expenses.

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